The 13th Annual Thanksgiving for Homeless & Poor

This year, we will be celebrating our 13th Annual Thanksgiving for the Homeless & Poor. For twelve years, we have been celebrating Thanksgiving with those less fortunate than ourselves by providing food, clothing, haircuts, public assistance, and much more. This would not be possible without the help of our local community. We are now hoping you will, once again, join us in making this eleventh year a success. We are currently accepting donations and pledges for the items below If you are able to provide either one, it would be greatly appreciated, not only from us, but from each and every person who takes part in this miracle. Please share this post to your timeline, and help spread the word. God is Good!

The 13th Annual Thanksgiving Food Needs

Feel free to pledge any of the items below

100 Turkeys

Sweet Potato Casserole - 10 Trays

Green Salads - 10 Trays

Mashed Potatoes - 5 Trays

Mac & Cheese - 15 Trays

Potato Salad - 10 Trays

Macaroni Salad - 10 Trays

Assorted Rice - 15 Trays (no plain white rice please)

Stuffing - 15 Trays

Collard Greens - 15 Trays

Gravy - 5 gallons

Water - 50 cases

Sweet Tea Mix - 4 large tubs of powder (No Lemon)

2 Liter Soft Drinks - 60

Can soda - 15 cases

Cutlery - 4 large boxes

Sternos - 150 cans

Large Plates - 5 large bags

Napkins - 3 large bags

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