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The mission of Miles Of Help Though Christ (MOHTC), a nonprofit charity dedicated to helping the indigent poor, homeless and under privileged class in Florida is to provide a hand up by building relationships and sharing donations in the form of food, clothes, and toiletries; referrals for employment, transitional housing and eventually permanent housing, all in the interest of guiding people into a progressive and personal relationship with God and a productive life in society as proud hard working members of their own communities.

4 Years serving and helping the Homeless

May God's love and mercy always be in consideration of you, your loved ones, your home, and employment.


Celebrating Jesus with the Homeless 3; April 19th, 2014

What an amazing day where everyone glorified God. Kids and Homeless people alike sung songs, so many of you donated so much food. All of it was gone, There were a few things we learned from this event such as the distribution of clothes, that format did not work and we will not be repeating it. Thus far the format that works is the one we apply in the streets and that is what we will stick with going forward. There was one lady who really was abusive with a volunteer and I'm not tolerating that. One really dressed up female pastor who can with a spirit of self service and was demanding on the only tray of food she served her own., but over all all the volunteers did a magnificent job. An estimated 300 people were present. We prayed over so many people. I want to Thanks to all who donated and contributed of their time and finances. God is Good!!

On February 10th, 2014 we celebrated our forth anniversary we are looking forward to a stronger year in 2014. We know God holds the reins in guiding this ministry in the endorsements from community leaders, organizations and individuals who provide most of our support. This year our goal is to build on the foundation we have established since our inception in 2010.

We are grateful to all of our volunteers who have given of their precious personal time to serve the less fortunate in the interest of serving God and improving their communities. We will continue offering high school and other youth the option of completing their required community service hours with our 501c3 non-profit organization. In order to facilitate their educational needs.

MOHTC 4th Anniversary Feb 8th, 2014

We depend on God and the generous heart of those He touches to share of what they have, recognizing that whatever they give is a sacrifice we are glad to share it on your behalf with the continued promise that we will not use any of it for our own personal gain. With this said, we invite you, your business, your church, your ministry to come serve with us so that you may witness firsthand the needs your brethren are suffering.

This year we continue having our open door policy to anyone with the qualifications and desire to help us receive our goals of obtaining an official corporate office, a transitional home site, and build a bigger, stronger team of volunteers and officers as well as establish an effective and dedicated board of advisors comprising of community business leaders.


Thanks to financial donations received on January 10th 2014 we were able to help Oscar and his three year old son Joshua back into their hotel room for another week.

January 2nd - Miles of Help through Christ has helped this couple avoid eviction thanks to you past financial contributions. We would like to be able to continue removing individuals and families from the street or preventing them from being put there but because we do not have any funding we are limited to how much we can help.


  • We invite you to share in the blessing of sharing conversation, prayer, smiles, and hugs with the homeless community. In Matthew 22:39, Jesus says Love your neighbor as yourself.

  • We invite you to do the God's work, feel free to get out of the comfort of the church and onto the streets where we feed the homeless. In her book, Knowing God intimately, Joyce Meyer is quoted as saying, "sitting in church does not make one a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes one a car."
  • Everyone at MOHTC is a volunteer. We ask you to come and meet those that make up the homeless community, see for yourself that all of God’s creations are precious.

  • Share the blessings God has bestowed upon you and your family and they will be multiplied. The bible states in the book of Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?

    Miles of Help Through Christ is Guide Star certified. Fell free to go check us out.

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    I invite you to come together with us. Bring the skills that distinguish you from everyone else. Bring a willing heart. Help this homeless ministry entering it's second year of service. Only God knows what's in store but when He sent Noah to build an ark the size of a football field, Noah had to get up and do the work. As the bible says the work is plentiful and the laborers are few.

    Florida is home to the most numbers of homeless people. There are so many sad stories out there, our society is bland to them all. Come on an outing with us, experience the poverty level for yourself, if it doesn't touch your heart to see people sleeping on floors resting their heads on rocks, sheltered from the cold by what they wear and possibly the overhang of a building. Think of the women whom do not have access to a sanitary clean bathroom with a shower.

    We have a long way to go as a group and as a society. We've taken the first step, we've crossed the boundaries of religion, race, language, sex and stench, come on out, sponsor or work behind the scenes to help us help those who have been abandoned, unemployed and discarded as human waste. Help us give them back their dignity and faith in God.

    Estamos agradecido por esta oportunidad de compartir con la comunidad de habla hispana.  Dios fue quien creo las diferentes lenguas en la Torre de Babel donde la humanidad en su propio jucio decidio equivocadamente construir para llegar alcanzar a Dios. 

    Les invitamos que se unan con nosotros en amor para construir un amor al projimo que alcanzance alrededor del mundo, en torno agradeceremos a nuestro Padre y el nos permitira alcanzarnos a su diestra en la misericordia demostrada a nosotros por su hijo Jesus.

    Sin su apoyo no podemos segir alcanzandos estas almas. Favor de sembrar en este ministerio. Seleciones una de las dos opciones abajo. Peude donar por mes o solo una vez.

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